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The Method of Printing Directly to Acrylic 
Acrylic pictures are completely different to any other printing format available on the market today. Here we explain the unique process of the application and displaying of prints on acrylic.

Following the launch of Acrylic Pictures at the 'Focus on imaging' show in February 2007, we realised that the most discerning of professional photographers were eager to use the the new medium to provide their more demanding customers with high-fashion pictures for display in their homes and offices. Many enthusiastic amateurs were also keen to see their work displayed in this new and exciting medium.

Acrylic Pictures go beyond the common sandwiching or bonding of a print on to acrylic, effective as that often can be. Here, a thoroughly modern process is being used that brings to life beautiful, modern and chic images by printing directly onto acrylic. This creates a semi-transparent 'canvas', which stands proud of the surface onto which it is fixed by means of four sturdy wall fixings. This means that light interacts with the image, which is therefore back-lit and creates an almost three-dimensional effect - completely different from just about anything else currently on the market

The process is particularly effective for the display of monochrome or minimalist photographs as the white background is replaced by the crystal-clear background of the acrylic, which gives a feeling of perpetual depth.

10mm clear acrylic