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Selective White Printing 

Acrylic Pictures offers a White Printing option on Acrylic, Metal & Slate prints.

White printing offers many creative options to enhance your images. Why not look at the examples to see if it sparks your imagination!

• Selected White Mask

Your image can be printed onto clear acrylic and a section of the image can be masked in white. If you are having trouble
creating a mask, please ask us to create one for you.*

• Black Acrylic and Slate

Print white ink onto black acrylic* or slate (in negative), to achieve a Black & White image. A full colour image is achieved by printing a white mask first, followed by a
full colour image on top!

• Cut Outs

You can produce a cut out, back it with a white mask and print on any of the materials.

• Storyboards

White masking is ideal for Storyboards. Separate images can be backed off with a white square leaving a clear border between each image.

• Borders

Print your image smaller than the material to leave a natural border. Slate and black acrylic look great with a natural border!

The prices are the same as any white backed acrylic of the same size.

* An extra cost will be incurred if you wish us to produce the mask or print on black acrylic.

Please ring for a quote.

Varios ways to use white printing