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Durability of Prints Direct to Acrylic  
Although acrylic pictures are robust, looking after the material is essential.

Acrylic pictures are very durable. The printing process creates a layer of long lasting ink. The inks are inkjet printed directly to the reverse of the acrylic and cured in place using ultra violet light. The inks are light stable to a level that exceeds normal art printing processes by some margin. They can be hung outside and would be expected to last more than 5 years in an outdoor application, indoors we can expect a lifetime of vivid clarity.

The acrylic itself is as far as we know entirely stable. The cockpits of the WWII fighter planes on all sides were made from acrylic and still show no signs of degradation beyond the surface abrasion that they suffered in use.

Acrylic is however damaged by the use of organic solvents. Don't use solvent chemicals of any form to clean your acrylic (baby wipes and screen wipes are bad), do use warm soapy water, avoid glass cleaners. Acrylic pictures can readily be hung in moist, damp and downright wet environments. They are perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms, swimming pools and gardens. Unlike sandwiched acrylics and images stuck / encapsulated / glued or mounted to acrylic you never have to worry about moisture creeping in and ruining your unique piece of art; or a warm room causing adhesives to soften and de-laminate.

Your image is printed directly to the back of the acrylic. This enables the product to be placed in many different environments safely. Such as:

• Garden • Outdoors •
• Swimming Pools •
Bathrooms • Kitchens •
• Lounges •
Changing Rooms •
• Receptions • Lobbies •
• Above Radiators •
• Schools • Hotels •
• Both Domestically and Commercially •

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