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Care & Fixing of your Acrylic Picture  
Here you will find the frequently asked questions about the care and fixing of your Acrylic Picture.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: info@acrylicpictures.com
029 2082 1082



How do I care for my Acrylic Picture?

Your acrylic print should be treated as you would any piece of art.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on your acrylic picture.

Only use a soft, clean cloth, dampen if necessary.

Never scrub the reverse of the acrylic. Wipe gently.

If you are having difficulty removing greasy finger prints on the face of the acrylic picture, make up a very weak solution of washing up liquid and warm water. Wipe over with a clean soft cloth.


Fixing a Clear Acrylic Picture

1. Carefully place your acrylic picture on the wall and mark the four holes with a pencil

2. Drill holes and plug as necessary.

3. Unscrew the brass cups from the base of the barrel. Place a screw in the centre of the cup and screw into the wall, until the cup is secure. Screw the barrel to the brass cup. Repeat for all four fixings.

4. Hold up the acrylic picture to the barrels and screw in the top two heads. Then the bottom two. Tighten them all up by hand. Do not use any tools

5. Enjoy your acrylic picture

Fixing a clear acrylic

Mounting a Backed Acrylic

1. Screw the hanging strip, with the bevel edge facing upwards, directly to the wall.

2. Make sure it is level

3. Simply hang the acrylic picture on the strip

Fixing a backed acrylic